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We invite you to make the Hotel Gänsleit your very own holiday home.
- Rosi & Steve with family

History & Hosts


1978 The parental home was taken over by Hans and Anni (Nanna).

1983 This year the residential building was converted into the "Gasthaus Gänsleit". 

1987 The "Seirer" house (annex) was bought and completely rebuilt.

1988 A year later Steve moved from England to Austria.

1990 Our first son Robert was born.

1992 2 years later Rosi & Steve got married.

1992 Anni and Hans bought the land on which our "Echt Woods Apartments" are located today.

In the same year, the ground of our current terrace was bought next to the main house.

1994  Our 2nd son Christian was born. A proverb says: "One comes, one goes". Unfortunately, our beloved grandma Kathi (mother of Anni) left us in the same year.

2003  The "Gasthaus Gänsleit" was handed over to the next generation (Rosi & Steve) and renamed to "Hotel Gänsleit". In the same year the wellness area was built.

2005  The new extension was completed in which the lobby, the toilets, and the fitness room found its place. We sold our private house in Söll and moved into the new extension of Hotel Gänsleit, which was completed in the same year. 

2018 A new house was built on the existing parking lot/playground: Our "Echt Woods Appartments".

2019 In April we had to say goodbye to our lovely Nanna.

2020 The terrace on the first floor has been completely redesigned.

In the same year we renovated our bar in the restaurant.

2021 Our natural pool was created - the new heart of our outdoor area

A couple of unbeatable points for choosing a family-run hotel:


As the host family, we see ourselves as consultants for your vacation. With our knowledge of the region, we are happy to pass on insider tips and show you the most beautiful "places" in the region.


The satisfied guest is the most important thing in the company - the measure of all things. Our guests are looked after individually and enjoy the highest priority. You are not just a number in a system!


Value creation in the future is important to us. You can see that in the high quality furnishings of the rooms. It is built for the long term and constantly invested.


We are hosts with heart and soul and have fun and enjoyment in our work. Our employees also pass this joy on to the guests.

Our Hotel Gänsleit is run with great attention to detail. The house has a soul and bears the loving signature of the hosts.